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We Are an Extension of Your Brand

Expanding your research operations in Asia is challenging and expensive task, but it is also necessary for every research agency who wants to grow in today’s highly globalized and interconnected environment.   

Webcall is positioned ideally in Thailand, with a vibrant and large  Japanese, Korean and Chinese communities where we can tap in and recruit at competitive costs of any other country in Asia. With our operations in Philippines we cover all English speaking markets and provide top quality English speaking interviewers.

With an extensive network of CATI home-based interviewers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam we offer an expanding language capabilities for these markets.

With the use of VOIP and Web based CATI technology, our team can work on the same version of questionnaire across multiple markets while you monitor the interviewers remotely.

Outsourcing your Asian contact center operations with us doesn’t mean giving up your brand identity. When we engage with clients, we take the time to get to know their brand, their operations, quality control standards. We integrate them and we work on the same principle.

If you’re looking to expand your reach in Asia , Webcall is ready to be an extension of your brand .

With Webcall's scalability service you can:

Expand your language offering

You can add to your roster Asian languages such as Thai, Bahasa, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean at a very competitive rates.

Keep quality control inhouse

You can use your current quality control procedures and team as you will be managing the additional team directly.

Scale seamlessly

We can guarantee that you will have a certain number of interviewers for every Asian language at your disposal so you can plan your capabilities with confidence.

Reduce CAPEX

You can expand your language offering without having to invest in additional office space, equipment and technology. 

Be cost efficient

You can tap to a cheaper market for sourcing native speaking resources. In London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore good native speaking interviewers are scarce and expensive. Most of the times your competitors are using the same people to run their projects.

Keep your current team

In case you already have in-house team covering Asian markets you can continue using them as normal. Our team will be attached to your current team. In that case you will leverage the experience of your team and lower your costs.

Reduce OPEX

Increase your capabilities in Asia by leveraging existing talent and assigning more interviewers per manager.

Faster time to fieldwork

You can be on field faster as you don’t have to recruit and train new interviewers which are difficult to find in your market.

Uniform operating model

You dont have to outsource to multiple vendors to conduct Asian fieldwork for your projects. We can manage multiple languages under your platform so we operate under the same model.


You don’t have to run night shifts at your call center and we can take care of difficult to find Asian languages.