We understand
how consumers
shop, think, decide,
and aspire to
to the most dynamic
consumer segments
in Thailand and Philippines.
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Webcall has substantial experience and capabilities of conducting consumer market research in Thailand and Philippines. We have conducted both quantitative and qualitative consumer market research across general population, niche audiences and demographic population. Our reach includes hard to reach consumer audiences, affluent and luxury consumers.

We have dedicated field teams in both markets with more than 100 field interviewers with vast experience of carrying out consumer market research. The field team is spread over the entire Thailand and Philippines, covering big, small, medium cities as well as towns and rural areas.



We have an extensive network of local based consumer interviewers and we can cover nationwide Thailand and Philippines market. We speak all the various local dialects so we get access to all demographic groups in urban and rural areas.


We work with the most experienced moderators and translators so we can get the best feedback from our respondents. We also pre-select all the FGD respondents so we make sure they are articulate and they can express themselves with confidence.


Our extended network allow us to have access in the small but dynamic affluent and luxury consumer groups. We have the team, the knowledge and the experience to access, recruit, talk and understand how they think, live and make decisions.


We apply a wide range of methodologies depending on the demographic segment, location, research objectives, budget and time-frame.

  • F2F Interviews – CAWI/PAPI
  • Focus Groups
  • Central Location Testing
  • In-Depth Interviews – CATI, F2F, Central Locations.
  • Telephone interviews – CATI , Web assisted.
  • Recruit to Web
  • Online communities, bulletin boards
  • Mobile Interviews
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